Art in public space

Campus Danube-University Krems, Austria

Design of the staircase and ramp from the new station to a new square and a sign marking the entrance to the Danube-University Krems, completion 2005.


Danube-University Krems is located on a hill above the river Danube, surrounded by vineyards. Three parallel stripes, a footpath, a little stream, and a railway line pass between the parcelled land. The newly established University inhabits the buildings of the former Austria Tobacco Company. A new railway station has been built and the train now stops in front of the main building.
Bands: The design for the university campus reinforces the existing stripes by adding some more between the main building and the railway station. There are four parallel bands of different materials and colours rolled out over the landscape. The one right in front of the building is the red access road for the fire brigade. It’s floor covering is made of red coloured concrete, with white marks and arrows painted on it. The exercise band is covered with coloured rubber, made of recycled car-tyres, a material normally used for sports fields. The other stripes are made of exposed aggregated concrete and timber. These bands run parallel in front of the building, extend to the east and branch off into the green.
Loops: Four loops form a new sign for the building’s contemporary use and extend the university’s foyer to the outside. Two material stripes are rolled up in front of the main entrance. Both, a ramp and a staircase form a loop and connect the lower railway-station with the campus.

This is the true story: