Metzer Mix


A furniture does not come alone

Conversion and Refurbishment of an apartment, collaged with spacial-furniture-installations,
Berlin, 2002


The old apartment in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg with its structure and rhythm is the basis on which we collage the new beats. The interventions are new, alien, from the outside, possibly parts from other apartments, which exist somewhere else, or they are memories and evoke a deja-vue. It is not about adaptation, not just refurbishment or modernization of an old apartment, the new living-space is made of this tension between old and the intervention. Every part is recognizable for its own. The superimposition of several space-zones create different living situations. A furniture does not come alone, it rather changes the structure of walls, floors and ceilings.

The interventions are: Woodkitchn (1), Stairs-furniture (2) and light-channel, Think-Capsula (3), Chüllürüm (4), Magic Gate(5), Dream-laboraty (6), Double-chamber-wall (7), Lock-Wall (8) and Pool (9)