Project List

Temporary Architecture / Interim Use

  • Fruchtschuppen
    interim use of a former storage hall of the German railway flower exhibition hall and restaurant, fpr the federal gardenshow (BUGA) 2019 in Heilbronn, Peanutz Architekten + Studio umschichten = um.nutz, work in progress, 2018
  • Melanchthongymnasium Lutherstadt-Wittenberg
    interim use of an old school building (19th century) that used to be empty, 2016-17, on behalf of the Reformationsjubiläums 2017 e.V.
  • YAAM Club
    interim use of industrial waste land, various sites along the river Spree, Berlin, 1996-2013
  • Beach Club
    a new design of piers, Hotel Schloß / castle Leonstain in Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria 2008
  • Give me shelter
    temporary installation, in the Südhalle in the House of World Cultures / Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, August 2007
  • Temporäres Leitsystem
    temporary signage in the House of World Cultures in Berlin 2006
  • Fassadenrepublik
    together with raumlaborberlin, part of the project Volkspalast e.V., in the former Palace of the Republic, Berlin, September 2004
  • Club der Nichtschwimmer
    together with Peter Arlt and Benjamin Foerster Baldenius, part of: Real Utopia / Graz 0003 / Gallery Rotor / Graz, Austria
  • Foyer
    in "Spectrum", Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, 2002