Museum Guben

former hat factory

Museum of the city and Industry of Guben

The museum is placed in a former factory building and part of a new city centre with town hall, library, music school and more.
Opening: July 2006

Hats on!

The building used to be the place of the hat factory. The furnitures is made of big hoods, hanging from the ceiling. Altogether there are 14 hoods of different size and geometry, from 1m x 1,5m up to 7m x 4m. Each hood shows a certain topic of the cities history, industry and the cultural history of hats.

We wanted to keep the industrial character of the building. The hoods are connected to certain gutter rails in the ceiling, which were used for the automated manufacturing of the former hat factory. This enhances the industrial character of the exhibition hall. The show-hoods are made of aluminium profiles, which are covered with printed on foils and fabric. Different ways of presentation are used for a variety of content in the hoods, from classical picture, text and object combinations to multi-media shows and projections. Two extra show rooms display machines of former hat factories. There is also a multi purpose room for lectures and museum pedagogigs.