of Disappeared Places


A Space designed for a database

The Archive of Disappeared Places (AVO) is a multimedia documentation centre about the demolition of places and resettlements due to mining in the Lusation brown coal district in particular consideration of Sorbian culture in Forst-Horno, Germany. Opening: 2006

"God has made Lusatia, but the devil has put the coal underneath."
So say the Sorbs.
The vast surface mining has its prize: 130 villages have been demolished in parts or completely. The archive, which is a multi media documentation centre deals with the fate of more than thousands persons affected, the memory of disappeared places, the practise of relocation in past and today,. The coal lies underneath a thin layer of earth, which is pealed off for the surface mining.

Landscape Carpet: We interpret this layer as a landscape carpet, which we present as a carpet in the exhibition. It is an intelligent carpet with multimedia skills. The map of Lusatia with many informations is printed on it.

Infosauger: The visitor can move a certain device, named Infosauger (information-teat). It explains the map and shows further information on a display. When placed on a certain disappeared village, marked on the map, one can research for more details, like pictures, plans, interviews and more. Every Infosauger is a mobile multimedia station with a database, which is updated by the main server (super brain) via WLAN. This super brain also tells every single station the exact coordinates in space. The coordinates are connected with the database and request the particular database sheet. The visitor can select certain information on the touch screen, which is part of the Infosauger.

The AVO is in Forst (Lausitz), Germany. WEBPAGE AND FURTHER INFORMATION