Los Topos

The Moles

A Project by Club Real and Peanutz-Architekten

Los Topos is an interactive city development drama, designed 2004 for Berlin Marzahn and Halle an der Saale.

Los Topos

Los Topos, Spanish for moles, is an interactive town development performance for international pioneer- tourists. The main idea is to transform shrinking city spaces through performative anti-urban practices, like farming, mining and hunting. On a big wasteland, next to the underground station X, in a shrinking city area, a temporary pioneer landscape evolves. Visitors may buy a day ticket only or spend their holiday as a pioneer. Through specific laws and material resources the pioneers have the possibility to build their tent-façade-house on a certain “claim” of the city of Los Topos and start their own pioneer initiative. Beside the new pioneer city, the serial drama “Life and Death of a Pioneer” shows the process of transforming the urban wasteland wilderness.

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