Hell Cuisine

cooking performance and installation

A project by Herwig Müller and Peanutz Architekten

Hell Cuisine is both, a cooking performance and a cooking installation. Each step of the cooking procedure is assembled in a line. A certain set of machines and tools, normally used on construction sites, are used for cooking. The most important piece is a concrete mixer. This cooking installation is very efficient, it is possible to cook for 800 people.

Hell Cuisine

Generators relieve us of all dependencies. Even in hell we only cook with water. The mobile substructure is made up of misused components, various construction materials / machines / tools, etc. The ensemble, after proper assembly and in its linear orientation arbitrarily tuneable, mutates into a highly efficient cooking machine. From the centerpiece / engine of the installation, a concrete mixer, the primordial soup arises - base a la hell cuisine dishes. The preparation process of the innumerable building blocks of our food chain demonstrates their flamy way to finally enter the heaven of the palatin building in a well-cooked form. This type of cooking breaks with everyday cooking habits and highlights the experience of the alchemical component of it. The repertoire of dishes offers a multicultural cross section.

Installations in Austria:
Donaufestival in Krems, 2002
Museumsquartier in Vienna, 2000-2001
Wanderbar, Linz, 1999
Festival der Regionen, 1999

Installations in Germany:
Yaam, Berlin, 1999
Urban Issue, Berlin, 1998